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Choosing The best TENS machine could completely transform your life if you experience chronic muscle pain, especially in your back, shoulders, or knee joints. The best TENS machines are a fantastic drug-free approach and combine two functions into one machine. TENS and EMS. This dual action can relieve labour pain, sports injuries, painful periods, sciatica, and other chronic muscular discomfort since they gently stimulate the muscles to lessen cramping and pain while also working on blocking pain signals from reaching the brain.

It’s important to choose the best tens machine that suits your budget and specific needs. There are many different TENS Machine on the market to day however, at Homemedics we have carefully sourced the best TENS Machines from various suppliers to give you the best results using your TENS machine in the shortest amount of time.

When choosing the Best TENS machine, there are a few important factors to consider such as number of channels, type of internal battery, power output and number of pre programs.

Only the Best TENS machines will have these functions included into one machine.

Below we have listed our recommendations for the best TENS Machine for specific needs:


Explore or selection of Best TENS Machines

Best Combo TENS Machine:

The best TENS EMS combination unit is the Multistim Plus Rechargeable unit. This machine is a flexible solution based on your current demands because it can be used for both muscle and nerve stimulation. You can target painful and worn-out muscles as well as chronic ailments like arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis with the help of the 30 therapy modes and a massive 100mA power output.


Travel and Portability:

Being able to manage pain while on the go with a TENS machine allows you to get back to your normal routine with minimal effort by the user. Using a small, powerful and  feature packed TENS machine while taking advantage of the rechargeable battery's 10-hour continuous use time, our iStim EV-804 wins the best tens machine for this category.



Best TENS Machine for the serious user:


If you are a user who has multiple needs or wishing to use your machine in a clinical setting, our Ultra 9000 Multi Function stimulator is the best tens machine for this. It combines TENS, EMS, Facial, Pelvic and IF modes into one machine to provide the most versatile and comprehensive treatment for both home users and professionals. In addition, the Ultra 9000 is encased in a solid polycarbonate body for the best rated drop protection of any TENS machine on the market.


Budget Friendly:


You may still receive high-quality care on a budget if you're using TENS for the first time or are seeking to cut costs. Check out the features that our 6-mode TENS unit has to offer, a programmable timer, six  therapeutic modes, and powerful 80mA power output, making it simple to tailor your treatment. Our N604-C is the best tens machine for this category.

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