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TENS Machine Operating Instructions

1. Clean the skin surface of the body area to be treated. This will improve stickiness of pads and improve life time

of the pads. 

2. Inspect the electrode cords and electrode pads for wear. If they are not in good condition, they should be replaced. If they are acceptable, then insert the male positive and negative cord pins into each electrode pad (female port).


3. Peel away the paper backing of the electrode and place it on the body. Please note: you cannot use 1 or 3 pads, only 2 or 4 (in pairs).


4. SLOWLY increase the intensity level to that recommended by your clinician. Usually, that will meani ncreasing intensity until you can feel the `tingling' sensation of the stimulation. If any muscles begin to contract, turn down the intensity slightly. Note: Some forms of treatment may use a slight muscle contraction. Your prescribing clinician will tell you how far they wish you to turn up the intensity.


5. If at any time the electrical stimulation begins to feel uncomfortable, use the Intensity Controls to turn down the intensity or turn the instrument off.


6. After a few minutes, it may seem that the sensation of the stimulation is diminishing. This is entirely normal as your body adapts to

the electrical current. Simply increase the Intensity controls slightly until the stimulation is once again at the proper intensity.


7. If desired, the unit may be attached to your belt or simply hung from your body using a cloth strap. This is a convenient

way of continuing treatment while performing your everyday activities.


8. When you are finished using the unit, turn down the intensity levels on each channel to 0  before swtiching off the machine.


10.Following treatment session and the machine is off, remove pads slowly from the skin, disconnect wires and replace the
pads on the provided sheet quickly. Place in a sealed plastic bag. Never leave the gel exposed to air to prevent drying out. If you live in a hot and humid area, placing the pads in a plastic bag in the fridge will also prolong the life of your pads. If pads treated this way, our pads can last up to 3 months of regular use. So, dust, oils, creams and drying out are the main things that will destroy your pads quickly!

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