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Combo Technology 

Effective pain relief with TENS mode &  powerful muscle toning with EMS


Combo TENS EMS Machine

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What are the benefits of a Combo TENS EMS Machine?

Combo TENS machines offer both TENS & EMS functions. They are two machines in one and can be used for drug free pain relief with TENS mode or for muscle building and toning using EMS mode. Because our TENS & EMS Machines in Australia are designed to be incredibly versatile & customisable, they are effective at delivering treatments to help relieve acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain no matter what condition you are suffering from. This includes but not limited to: back pain, sciatica pain, period pain, labour pain, arthritis neck and shoulder pain.


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A TENS Machine helps relieve pain by 3 non-invasive mechanisms.

Blocks Pain Signals

A TENS Machine sends gentle but targeted impulses to block the pain signal from the site of origin from reaching the brain. This is known as "closing the pain gate"

Endorphin Release 

TENS therapy has shown to "activate" and increase the release of our own bodies natural pain killers which are hormones called endorphins. Increased circulation in our blood stream relieves pain naturally.

Relaxing of Muscle

When using your Combo TENS EMS Machine, tense and sore muscles are targeted with EMS function which helps these muscles relax and reduce any inflammation that might be present. This leads to a natural reduction of perceived pain.

An EMS Machine helps to build & tone muscle by:

The Combo EMS Machines we supply in Australia are designed for maximum power & functionality to stimulate your muscles for toning and to prevent wasting. EMS therapy works by sending electrical impulses to directly stimulate your muscle fibres. These impulses reach the nerve axons, signaling the muscles to contract and relax as instructed by the EMS Machine which allows you to train muscles that may normally have little activity.

How long does the pain relief of a Combo TENS machine last?

For most people using a TENS or EMS machine to control their pain the positive effects will be noticeable within 10-20 minutes and can last from 30 mins to 24 hrs. When used on a high-frequency setting, a ‘carry-over’ effect can be felt in users. This can help with pain relief even after the machine has been taken off. Results vary based on level of intensity, TENS or EMS mode, severity of condition and individual factors.

What is the best Combo TENS & EMS Machine for you?

At Homemedics, we offer a specialised and carefully researched selection of Combo TENS EMS machines which meet the highest safety standards in Australia and to suit a variety of needs and budgets.


Our 2 flagship models: Multi-Stim Plus Rechargeable Combo TENS Machine & Ultra 9000 5 in 1 stimulator offer best in class features and performance to treat a variety of conditions. They both feature the latest Combo technology which means they have inbuilt TENS and EMS modes which can be used for rapid pain relief and muscle toning and building. Some units will feature an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery which may be more convenient than traditional replaceable batteries.


The TENS & EMS Machines we offer in Australia are loved by many as they offer clinical grade performance & can be used in the comfort of your own home or on the go due to their compact size. These highly advanced and effective TENS machines come with a number of pre-programmed treatment modes which are professionally tuned by health researchers & engineers to treat your specific condition.


It’s as easy as setting the mode for your condition and letting your TENS machine do the work for you! For more advanced users, custom modes and parameters are also supported for ultimate versatility and proficiency. 

Every Combo TENS EMS Machine we offer includes everything you need to start treatment when you receive your package. Additional TENS Machine Pads can be purchased here


Need help deciding which Combo TENS & EMS Machine is right for you?

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