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Pre Application: Before using your TENS machine, its important to make sure the area you want to treat is squeaky clean. Natural oils, sweat and other materials can deteriorate the sticky layer of the TENS pads and make them less effective over time. Use alcohol wipes or warm sopay water to wipe/wash the treatment area before use.


TIP: Shaving/Removing any hair in the treatment area will greatly improve conductivity and longevity of TENS Pads.


Handling of Pads: When peeling the TENS Pads from the plasic sheeting, try to reduce contact with the sticky area as much as possible. Gently peel the pads off the plastic sheeting by pulling from the wire then place on treatment area. Our pads are made from the higest quality material available and use carbon fibre wires so you wont damage your pads if done gently.


When treatment is completed, gently remove the pads from the wire or edges of the electrode and place back on the plastic sheet.


Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.


By following these steps, you will increase the longevity of your pads. Eventually you will have to replace your pads. Sticky pads all have a life span and this depends on usage time, size of pads used and area of body treated.

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