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TENS Machine Pads & Accessories 

TENS pads are special adhesive pads that are used in conjunction with a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine. These pads are applied directly to the skin and deliver electrical impulses to the underlying tissues and nerve endings in order to relieve pain and improve circulation. TENS pads are commonly used for the management of chronic pain, muscle soreness, and rehabilitation after injury or surgery. They are also used in physical therapy and massage therapy to provide additional pain relief. TENS pads come in various shapes and sizes, and they are disposable or reusable depending on the manufacturer's specifications

TENS Pads Australia
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Why choose Homemedics TENS Machine Pads?

Clinical Grade

There are many different types of TENS Machine pads available to us today however, what differentiates Homemedics TENS gel pads from others is we ensure all stocked items will offer long life durability, stronger impulses due to increased conductive material and stickier gel.

Ultra Durable

All of our TENS Pads are constructed with maximum durability in mind. Features such as double backing, 4-layer assembly and carbon fibre wires all increase the longevity of the electrodes.

More Conductive

TENS Machine Pads use conductive mesh to deliver electrical impulses when attached to your skin. The quality of this mesh can vary wildly between cheaper electrodes on the market. Our Pads feature premium silver conductive mesh to provide the best results in combination with thicker and sticker gel to improve contact area with the skin.

Best Prices

At Homemedics we purchase our TENS machine pads and accessories in bulk. This means a lower cost price to us which allows us to pass on the savings and offer the best prices to our customers.

Allergy Free

Many TENS pads in Australia contain latex in the gel as it reduces the cost for manufactures. This can cause skin irritation & allergic reactions to some individuals. All of our Pad range are guaranteed to be latex-free and hypoallergenic.

Universal Compatibility 

If you are searching for replacement TENS pads for your old TENS machine, our range is compatible with 90% of third party Units on the market. If you are unsure you can contact us and we will assist.

How long should my TENS Machine Pads last before they need replacement?

As stated above, our TENS pads are designed to be used daily while offering ultimate durability. Many of our customers have stated their pads have lasted up to 6 months with proper care. Below are some important tips to consider when you receive your item. 

Step 1

If the treatment area contains a lot of hair, it is recommended to trim/shave the area for better adhesion & pad durability.

Step 2

Before sticking the pads onto your skin, make sure the area is free from skin oils, sweat & body lotions. This can deteriorate the TENS pads sticky layer quicker and reduce adhesion. We offer convenient alcohol wipes here.

Step 3

When you have finished with your treatment session, it is very important to stick the pads back on plastic sheet and zip lock the package to ensure it is air tight

Step 4

Because of our hot and humid weather conditions in Australia, we recommend to always store your TENS Pads in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight.

Where should I place my TENS Machine Pads?

Which TENS Pads do I need?

Your body receives small electrical impulses from adhesive sticky pads called electrodes or pads.


All of our TENS machines will come with at least 12 high quality pads to get you started.


Choosing the correct TENS Pads for your specific condition is important to achieve the best possible results.


Typically, we would use a larger TENS pad for areas that require a larger stimulation area such as your back, glutes, and thigh. These include our XL Butterfly Pad and Long Back Pad.


For areas that require precise stimulation, such as the face and delicate areas, we would use a smaller TENS pad such as our 3cm Round or 2.5cm Round Pads.

It is recommended to always follow these included charts with your TENS Machine to treat your specific condition.

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