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Are you looking for an alternative drug-free method to control your pain? Are you looking to buy a TENS machine in Australia? Our units are the most advanced TENS machines on the market. Designed for clinicians & professionals in the field but, simple enough to be used at home. Our clinical grade TENS and EMS machines may help you put an end to the pain you have been struggling to control. All our products are designed to give rapid pain relief without the side effects of harmful drugs. You can simply use our TENS machines in the privacy of your home or take it with you and get pain relief on the go. Buy a TENS machine today and free yourself from pain.


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Multi Stim Plus 

4-Channel, Dual Power

(Battery & 240 Volt Power)

RRP $269: Our Price: $199

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2020 Multi-Stim Plus Kit

Combo TENS & EMS Machine + All Arthritis Electrodes & Pads

The Ultimate Pain Control Kit in Australia. Powerful 4-Channel + Dual Power + Backlight + 45 programs/modes.

 BUY NOW: $249

TENS & EMS Machine for Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulation


2020 Multi-Stim Plus Kit

Combo TENS & EMS Machine + All Arthritis Electrodes & Pads

The Ultimate Pain Control Kit in Australia. Powerful 4-Channel + Rechargeable Li-ion  Battery + Backlight + 45 programs/modes.

BUY NOW: $280


Multi-Stim Plus TENS & EMS Machine For Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulation

Multi-Stim Plus

Top of the Range Combo

4-Channel , Rechargeable Li-ion  

RRP: $299. Our Price: $225

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iStim EV-804 Black

Rechargeable Li-ion TENS & EMS

Pain Relief & Muscle stimulation

RRP $199. Our Price: $175

Interferential IF-908 Stimulator for deep Nerve & Muscle Pain Relief


Interferential Stimulator for

Deep Tissue & Nerve Pain Relief

RRP: $229. Our Price: $179

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Multi Stim Plus 

4-Channel, Dual Power

(Battery & 240 Volt Power)

RRP $269: Our Price: $199


Comfy Stim Plus Combo Machine

31 Programs Digital TENS & EMS

Pain Relief, Massage, Muscle Toning

RRP $189. Our Price: $155

EM-6800F Obstetric Labour TENS Machine For Strong Pain During Labour

Mums To Be TENS 

Obstetric/Labour Tens

Labour Pain & Pelvic Muscle Trainer

RRP $199. Our Price: $149

Ultra 9000 Multifunction TENS EMS Interferential & Pelvic Stimulation

Ultra 9000

Multi Function Machine

TENS, EMS, Interferential, Pelvic & Facial Stimulation

RRP: $379. Our Price: $279


IStim EV-820 TENS Only Machine

19 Programs Digital TENS

Pain Relief, Massage, Muscle Toning

RRP $189. Our Price: $129

Analog TENS Machine for Massage & Pain Relief.

Analog N-604C TENS 

Pain Relief & Massage

 RRP: $109. Our Price: $89


Black Pads for all TENS & EMS Machines on the Market

Over 30,000 TENS & EMS Pads Sold 


Main Features of Pads:

1. Non-woven Fabric electrode Pads

2. Self Adhesive, Re-usable, Long Life

3. Bio-compatible, Dry out Resisting

4. Lower Impedance, More uniform current distribution

 5. No hot spots, more stimulation comfort

6. Durable construction: can even pull out from the lead wire without damage.

7. unlike others, not plastic

8. Specially designed holes, on each pad, to release the generated heat and give more comfort and less irritation.


Homemedics Conductive garments


Our Specially designed Professional Grade Conductive 

Garments offer both support and superior stimulation.

Suitable with all of our TENS/EMS Range. 

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Vaginal Probe for all TENS & EMS Machines Pelvic Muscle Exerciser
Vaginal & Rectal Probes for Incontinence.

Professional Grade probes to be used with all TENS & EMS machines on the market as a pelvic floor exerciser to treat incontinence and other conditions. 

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