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Multi-Stim Plus R

Industry leading combo machine

for ease of use, pain control and muscle stimulation

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Combo Machines

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TENS Garments

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TENS machine ear clip electrodes austral

TENS Accessories 

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Comfy Stim Combo

Our lowest price for

premium Combo TENS Machine

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iStim Pads

Save on our professional TENS Pad range 

Featured Blog Post

Explore what tVNS therapy can do for you

tVNS therapy using a TENS machine has been shown to offer benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and increased relaxation, making it a promising therapy for a variety of conditions.

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Recommended Products. Our selection of recommended TENS units & Accessories.


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MultiStim Plus R

from $249

Save up to $95


iStim EV-804

from $194

Save up to $15

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Ultra 9000

from $369

Save up to $108

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iStim 820

from $119

Save up to $60


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Homemedics Pro™ Ear Clips


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iStim Black TENS Pads

from $15

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iStim White TENS Pads

from $11


Conductive Multi-Area Garment


Benefits of TENS Therapy

Proven Results

More than 85% success rate when used for pain relief and improving muslce tone​

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Simple & Effective

Designed for first time and advanced users. Ultra portable for use on the go

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Something for


Choose from over 10 best selling models that suit your specific needs and budget

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Targeted Therapy

Fully customisable & Pre-programmed treatment options for your specific condition.

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TENS, made easy

Got Private Health Insurance?

Claim back your TENS Machine from your insurance comapny.


for you

2 min reads to get the most out of your TENS EMS Machine

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Discover how TENS therapy works & can help manage your condition

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We can recommend a suitable device & accessories based on your specific condition

Not sure what TENS machine is right for you?

Helping thousands getting back to what matters...

We founded Homemedics in 2007 with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, smart, and reliable TENS Machines to help Australian's break the cycle of pain. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts, which is why each TENS machine & accessory has been carefully researched by us to provide you with faster pain relief & powerful muscle stimulation. With over 20,000 customers since launch & a 4.9/5 star rating, you can shop with confidence & peace of mind. 

The Homemedics difference 

All natural 

pain relief

Real people,

real results



Money back


Before & after sales support

Australian owned & operated

TENS & EMS Machine Australia 

If you’re looking for natural pain relief or hassle-free muscle toning without the detrimental effects of drugs, you may have considered or had a TENS or EMS Machine recommended to you in Australia. They’re incredibly popular, and have been used by people for over 50 years to relieve all different kinds of ailments.

Homemedics is one of Australia’s first and leading TENS Machine & EMS Machine supplier for over 15 years with thousands of units sold to help Australians relieve their pain in a simple, non-invasive method at home or for professionals to treat their patients.

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