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Boost muscle

strength & tone

Activate your muscles with EMS technology.

EMS Machine

We’re phasing out EMS only Machines. Becuase of advances in TENS Machine technology, our Combo TENS Machines have professional EMS programs and functionality. Use them to reduce pain using TENS mode and build muscle using EMS mode.

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What is an EMS Machine and how does it work?


In the past, Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) Machines where bulky, expensive and required professional expertise to operate. Today, they have evolved into portable, affordable and highly effective muscle trainers which everyone can benefit from. An EMS Machine is typically a device which uses smart technology to send an electrical current from the device, into the TENS pads and finally penetrate the skins surface to directly stimulate your muscle fibres.


This is very similar to our natural muscle activating mechanism however, an EMS Machine bypasses the brain and surrounding muscle groups. For many people suffering from muscular injuries, nerve damage or prone to muscle wastage, using EMS therapy to tone, strengthen, build and prevent muscle wastage is extremely important to use as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other physical therapies.

How can an EMS Machine help you?

Build & Tone Muscle

When using your EMS machine, the pulses that are delivered via the TENS pads causes the muscle fibres to contract & relax, which imitates the same way your brain would activate these muscles. EMS stimulates & increases muscle mass by causing these contractions & relaxation. In turn, this causes lactic acid to enter the muscle fibres which eventually leads to increased muscle mass.

Prevention of Wastage 

Using the same mechanism of muscle toning and strengthening above, an EMS machine can be incredibly helpful to individuals who are unable to perform physical activity due to an injury, surgery or who are bed ridden. Daily use of an EMS machine has been shown to reduce muscle atrophy.

Massages Muscle

In addition to the benefits of building and strengthening muscle, EMS machines are capable of loosening & relaxing tight muscle groups which may be inflamed and sore. Increased circulation to the injury site or treatment area have been observed in clinical trials.

When can you see results after using an EMS Machine?

You might be wondering when can you see the results of EMS therapy. The reality is, everybody is different and results will vary with each individual. Results after using your EMS machine depend on many factors such as body composition, fat content, water content and severity of injury. Studies show that an EMS machine can show benefits after just 2 weeks of use, however the majority of participants in the study noticed results in 12 weeks. Reports of feeling stronger, increased range of motion and wellbeing where also reported.

Which EMS Machine is right for me?

We have a variety of professional grade EMS machines available in Australia which will suit the majority of conditions and needs. We recommend choosing a Combo TENS EMS Machine as it has inbuilt TENS & EMS functionality so you can benefit from pain relief and muscle building in one machine. If you’re having trouble choosing the right EMS machine for you, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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