Comfy Stim Plus Combo PP TENS EMS Machine

The New 2020 Comfy Stim Plus Pre-Programmed Digital Combo TENS/EMS Machine is our latest Clinical Grade Budget Combo TENS/EMS Machine. Includes all the essential features for pain control, muscle stimulation and massage and yet a small price tag.


The device is pre-loaded with 31 programs and modes (TENS/EMS) which are designed by technicians & clinicians for specific conditions and muscle groups to provide pain relief. The provided colour charts direct the user to the best program or mode according to the type and location of pain. So, pain control is made easy with this unit. 


Unlike other cheap devices on the market, this machine is clinical grade, sold world wide and made to last for years. Manufactured by a leading company in Taiwan since 2004, this device is approved by many international bodies including CE, FDA and registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. 


TENS is clinically tested and approved with the following applications:


  • Back pain, particularly lumbar and cervical spine problems
  • Joint pain (e.g. knee joint, hip joint, shoulder)
  • Neuralgia
  • Women’s period pains
  • Pain after injuries to musculoskeletal system
  • Pain with circulatory problems
  • Chronic pain through various causes


EMS is clinically tested and approved with the following applications:


  • Muscle strengthening
  • Rehabilitation purposes
  • Preventing disuse muscle atrophy
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Cosmetic muscle toning



Comfy Stim Plus Combo PP TENS EMS Machine

AU$179.00 Regular Price
AU$155.00Sale Price
    • Dual channel (4-lead) digital TENS/EMS 
    • 5 TENS Modes (Normal, Burst, Modulated Rate & Width, SD1, SD2)
    • 2 EMS Modes (Simultaneous, Alternating)
    • High-tech design with metallic finish and LCD display
    • Treatment timer (1-60 minutes or Continuous)
    • 24 Preset Programs
    • Low Battery power indicator
    • Compliance monitor
    • Hinged protective cap for intensity dials

    Combo Treatment: The Comfy Stim Plus is a Medical Grade device with Medical CE certificate and registered with the ARTG. This machine combines the latest TENS/EMS stimulation modes and wavelengths to treat various conditions from chronic pain, muscle conditioning to relaxing after a long days work.

    Clinical Grade Power: Fully adjustable from 1mA up to 100 mA of peak amplitude makes the iStim one of the most powerful machines on the market. Designed for simple and gentle relaxation at home or treating patients with severe and debilitating conditions at the clinic.

    Large LCD Screen: Large size and super-high-definition LCD screen makes it easier to read and operate, especially for the aged. All settings are displayed conveniently as well as a low battery indicator.

    **Replaceable 9v Battery: The Comfy Stim Plus uses advanced circuitry to minimise power consumption while offering peak performance when needed. One 9v battery (included) lasts up to 60 days.

    **Advanced Saftey Features: ;**The Comfy Stim Plus adapts the latest in saftey standards such as auto cut off and reverse polarity protection so you are always safe when operating this device.

    Program Memory: Saves your previous treatment modes and settings so you dont have to set them each time you use. Simple as turning the machine on and continuing your treatment.

    Solid Stainless Steel Belt Clip: Use on the go! Simply attach the device on your belt or other suitable area and fight the pain wherever you are. Perfect for long trips, walks or even when working out.

    Durable Ergonomic Construction: Protective solid rubber side strips act as a shock absorber to keep the device internals protected if the device is accidentally dropped. They also provide an ergonomic secure nonslip grip.