Multi Function Stimulator Ultra 9000

This multifunction stimulator is the latest in technology and innovation. It combines the function of several machines into one. This 5 in 1 machine includes TENS, EMS, Interferential (IF), Pelvic and Facial Functions. It is perfect for users who have multiple needs. The machine is very easy to use thanks to the pre-loaded programs. Simply select the desired program. 


The Ultra 9000 comes with 57 programs and modes.

1. 5 TENS modes.

2. 3 EMS modes.

3. 7 Interferential modes.

4. 12 TENS Preset programs.

5. 12 EMS Preset programs.

6. 6 Interferential Programs.

7. 6 Pelvic muscle programs.

8. 6 Facial preset programs.


Clinical Grade Ultra 9000 Multi Function Stimulator 5 in 1 Machine

AU$399.00 Regular Price
AU$279.00Sale Price
  • What's Included in kit?

    1. Device Ultra 9000.
    2. Carry storage bag.
    3. 12X iStim Electrodes (Made in Japan).
    4. 2 Lead wires.
    5. 9 volt battery.
    6. 240 volt wall adapter.
    7.  Instruction manual and 3 easy use guides.
    8. PR-06A Rectal Probe (Optional)
    9. PR-02A Vaginal Probe (Optional)
    10. D20/D21 Metal facial Electrodes.
    11. Free express, next day delivery + signature (value $19.80). 



    • Check with your doctor before using this device or any other tens device.
    • Never use this device if you have a pacemaker or any digital implant.
    • Check with your doctor if you have Epilepsy or Heart problems.
    • Keep away from children.
    • Do not attempt to modify the performance of this device.
    • Do not use faulty or damaged lead wires.
    • We do not guarantee that this device will cure your condition. It's for pain relief only.