Latest Analog N-604C TENS Machine with 5 modes & treatment timer $69 Delivered!

This 2020 N-604C tens machine is the latest basic analog on the market and it is designed for those who prefer the standard simple manual knobs. The N604C TENS machine is for pain control and for massage only and not for muscle stimulation. In terms of power and stimulation, its the same as the digiital machines but, the controls are manual knobs instead of press buttons. The internal technology & circuitry however, is digital. Stimulation pulse & rate can aslo be adjusted as required for different pain levels using the manual switches as shown above in the pictures.



Main Features

1. Two channel tens machine.

2. 9 volt Battery

3. Easy manual controls for session time, pulse width and pulse rate.

4. Well Built & very popular model

5. Metal Belt Clip

6. Affordable price. 


N604-C Analog TENS Machine + 12 Pads

AU$109.00 Regular Price
AU$89.00Sale Price
  • Channel: Two Channels

    Size: L: 9.5 cm; W: 6.5 cm; H: 2.35 cm

    Weight: 110g including battery.

    Amplitude: 0-80 mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load.

    Pulse width (us): 30-260 (adjustable).

    Pulse Rate (HZ): 2-150 (adjustable).

    Modes: B, N, M.

    Sub Modes: SD1, M, SD2.

    Timer (minutes): 15, 30, 60 

    Power source: 9v Battery

  • 1. Analog tens machine N-604C.

    2. 12-36x quality Japanese gel pads.

    2. 2x electrode wires.

    3. 9 volt Battery.

    4. Soft carry/storage bag.

    5. Free Express, next day delivery, postage valued @ $12.00