4-Channel Multi-Stim Plus with 45 programs, back light & Rechargeable Li-ion Battery from Homemedics

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The 4-channel Multi-Stim Plus Rechargeable Clinical Grade combo machine is our new top of the range with a stronger than ever processor giving both physicians and patients the capability of having a "clinical" style device in a portable version.


Designed for those requiring four channel stimulation to recover from traumatic injuries. With this machine you can now connect 8 pads (instead of 4) at once, which makes it ideal for strong to severe chronic pain and for recovering from major injuries or surgery. In most cases of sport injuries, the use of 4 pads is not sufficient and many therapist use 8 or more pads at once to achieve fast recovery. 

The features and functions in this machine (4- channel 8 pad stimulation, back light, Li-ion rechargeable battery and 45 pre-programmed TENS & EMS functions), make it the ultimate, clinical grade, combo tens machine on the market.The intensity of the power and the number of pads that can be used is controlled by the user and can be set easily as required.

The 4-channel Multi-Stim Plus is great for both chronic and acute pain and can be used in the comfort of your own home, while driving or even at work. Once charged it can be used for up to 30 hrs.The LCD screen is the largest on the market & with the built in back light, it's the best tens unit for night treatment sessions and for those on the move.


Unlike other cheap devices on the market, this machine is capable of controlling 8 pads at once and is made to last for years. The Multi-Stim Plus is the closest you can get to the machines you see in physiotherapy clinics. Sold world wide to professionals and home users, this device is approved by many international bodies including the medical 93/42 EEC and FDA and it is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG # 317737).  





1. Four Channel TENS & EMS machine: This clinical grade combo is suitable for chronic and acute pain relief, muscle stimulation/relaxation and for muscle recovery & pain management after traumatic injuries or surgery. Eight pads can be used at once.


2. Latest 2020 Design : The Multi-Stim Plus combo is the most popular 4-channel machine on the market. Previous models introduced into Australia back in 2004 and now the latest 2020 much improved model is here. The matt surface texture is specially designed to be non-slip and to provide a firm grip to prevent accidental damage.


3. LCD screen with Back Light: The largest LCD screen on the market comes with a built-in light to provide clear visibility during night sessions and in darker places. Great feature for the elderly and for those requiring night treatments.


4. Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: Simply charge the Lithium-ion battery from the wall socket or from your computer or power bank and use for up to 30 hrs. All required cables and adapters are provided. The Li-ion battery included is device is made in Japan and is of the highest quality to provide years of usage without the need to replace it. Think about the money you can save on batteries and the convenience of not using a 240 volt wall adapter.  If you ever need to replace the battery years down the track, the battery is replaceable and we have them in stock.


5.  Five TENS + Three EMS modes + Extra 37 Preset Programs (45 total): This device is loaded with many pre-programmed modes and functions, specially designed by clinical therapists and engineers, to fight pain and to get you back on your feet quickly. Each mode is designed to treat a specific condition or point on the body. The provided colour charts will show you step by step where to place the pads and which mode or settings to use for various pains & aches.

The massage modes/programs include all the popular techniques including: Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibration, Knocking, Tapping, Acupuncture, Squeezing etc and a combination of each. 


6. Black Pouch: The provided soft carry case is made from the highest quality fabric. The size is compact but, capable of storing the machine and all your accessories.

7. Metal Belt Clip: Unlike other plastic clips, this machine is fitted with a metal stainless steel belt clip. Strong and practical, this clip can last for years.


8. Specially Selected Extra large Pads: Optional) We can also provide you with a large butterfly pad (16x10 cm). This pad is designed for lower back pain and for labour pain to give maximum stimulation to lower back without affecting the spine itself. For upper back pain, we have an extra long pad (25x5cm) to be places on the upper back vertically. Both of these specially made pads are very popular and effective for back pain.


9. Eligible for Full Health Fund rebate: You may be eligible to recover the full cost of this device from your health provider. Most insurance companies permit the purchase of one clinical medical device. We can provide you with all the required information, including our provider number, to recover the full cost. Please check with your insurer first to see if you are eligible if you intend to claim the cost.


Multi-Stim Plus Rechargeable TENS Machine + Arthritis Electrodes

AU$399.00 Regular Price
AU$280.00Sale Price
  • FEATURES OF PROVIDED PADS (See Photos above)

    • Self Adhesive , re-usable, long life.
    • Bio-compatible, dry out resisting.
    • Super soft fabric (allow attachment to the skin smoothly).
    • Carbon film (to provide stable electrical conductivity).
    • High quality carbon fibre wires (to enhance strength & conductivity).
    • No hot spots, more stimulation comfort.
    • Specially designed holes on the pads to release generated heat.
    • Popular size (5x5 cm) in factory sealed bags.
    • Tow colours available: white or skin colour. You choose and we will provide.



    Channels: Four channels, use 8 pads at once.

    Stimulation Type: Combo TENS , EMS and massage.

    Pulse Rate: Adjustable, 2-150 Hz , 1 HZ /step.

    Pulse Width: Adjustable, 50-400 microseconds, 10 micro sec/step.

    Pulse Amplitude: 0-100 mA Peak into 500 ohm load

    Wave form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square pulse

    Size: L: 13.8 cm, W: 7.8 cm, H: 2.8 cm.

    Weight: 325 gm

    Timer: Two Adjustable timers, 1-60 minutes or continue.

    Ramp Time: Adjustable, 1-8 sec, 1 sec/step.

    On time: Adjustable, 2-90 seconds,, 1 sec/step.

    Off Time: Adjustable, 0-90 seconds, 1 sec/step.

    Compliance meter: 60 sets of individual operation records.

    Modes: B, N, M, SD1, SD2(tens), C, S, A (ems).

    Pre-programmed functions: 37 Prest programs under "p" mode.

    Large LCD Screen: YES, the largest LCD screen on the market. 

    Back light: YES

    Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery.