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Breast Stimulation Using a TENS Machine for Lactation

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have you ever thought about using a TENS Machine for Breast Stimulation or wondered about its benefits for Lactation? In this blog post, we will be highlighting recommended settings and pad placement for optimal results for encouraging lactation.

As we all know, TENS Machine therapy has many well documented and researched benefits for treating various health conditions and diseases. When it comes to lactation, TENS Machine therapy has become hugely popular due to the amazing results women have acheived for stimulating milk production, without the use of external aids such as breast pumps.

How it works?

A TENS Machines main function is to stimulate the nerves in your body to block pain signals reaching the brain (which reduces the perception of pain). When used for lactation purposes, it is used to stimulate the nerves of your breast, mostly nerves in your nipple area. This stimulation caused by small electrical impulses tricks the brain into promoting the release of prolactin by your Pituitary Gland (in your brain). That induces growth and development of acini tissues in your breasts and leads to lactation.

How to use a TENS Machine for Lactation?

Treatment 1

Pad Placement: 2x Pads (<5cm in size) on lateral sides of both Nipples (5cm apart)

TENS Settings: TENS Mode Burst Width: 90 us Rate: 1.0 Hz

Intensity: User Defined (Shouldn’t be too weak or too strong)

Duration: 15 mins each session 4x a Day

Treatment 2

Clip Placement: 2x Clips on both Nipples TENS Settings: TENS Mode Burst, Width: 50 us Rate: 0.8 Hz Intensity: User Defined (Start off low and work your way up to a comfortable level) Duration: 15 mins each session 4x a Day

Recommended Items:

iStim EV-820 Pre- programmed Digital TENS Machine

Ear Clip Electrodes for TENS Machines VNS

Professional Rubber Breast Electrode Pads

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