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Advantages of TENS in Labour

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

TENS has been used for many years by pregnant women to manage pain in labour without any reported side-effects for either Mother or baby.

How does it work?

A TENS portable battery powered TENS Machine provides a low level pulsed electrical current through electrodes placed on the skin. This creates a tingling or prickling sensation. It is thought that the current blocks pain messages going to the brain and also causes naturally occurring pain-relieving substances called endorphins to be released. These endorphins help you to relax and manage your labour pain. The TENS unit has dials that you can adjust to control the frequency and strength of the electrical pulses and also a small boost button for more difficult contractions.


• Drug free pain relief

• Non-invasive

• Small and Portable

• Can be used in conjunction with other pain relieving techniques, e.g. positioning, relaxation, massage or heat

• Ready to use

• Allows you to keep mobile

• Self-controlled & effective

How to use?

The TENS works best and gives you the most effective pain relief if you use it at the very beginning of your labour. This gives your body time to produce endorphins. The TENS is most effective for back pain of labour. Place the electrodes on your lower back where you feel the pain of the contractions. Do not place the electrodes over the pregnant uterus.

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