Premium Sock Electrodes for All Tens Machines.

Our Conductive Sock Electrodes are ideal for providing 360° of treatment coverage to the entire foot and ankle. It increases blood flow and is extremely effective for treating all sorts of foot and ankle disorders such as Arthritis, Diabetic Foot Pain, Muscular Sprains and a host of other foot, heal and ankle injuries.


The stretchable knitted fabric allows for a perfect, snug, one-size-fits-all universal sock that promotes excellent blood circulation, swelling reduction and pain managementConductive garments are an easy and effective alternative way of applying electro-therapy to either larger concentrated areas, more fragile and delicate areas and/or out of reach areas.


The patient will receive 100% coverage of the garment treatment area due to the high silver content woven through the entire garment


1. Latest technology in TENS therapy.
2. More uniform impulses.
3. Milder effects on the skin.
4. No overheating or irritation of the skin.
5. The treatment covers a much larger area.
6. Strong and Durable.
7. Long lasting and easy to apply without sticky gels.
8. Can be hand washed in mild detergent.




Premium Sock Electrodes for All Tens Machines.

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