Our Conductive Neck Garment offers both support and stimulation. The non-adhesive electrodes (included with the garment) which are constructed from special conductive fabrics are gentle on the skin and deliver uniform stimulation across the entire surface of the treated area. The specially molded design makes placement easy and quick. The garments are fitted with special conductive fabric pads that can be used over and over again without the need to buy adhesive replacement pads. This means more money in your pocket over time, with effective pain relief and greater comfort in your daily life.


For many patients struggling with acute or chronic neck pain, especially along the cervical spine, it may be more physically demanding to reach around and comfortably apply disposable electrodes around the pain area, so this conductive neck brace allows easier positioning, without requiring assistance from another person.

Premium Conductive Neck TENS Garment

AU$69.00 Regular Price
AU$64.00Sale Price
    • Replaces the use of disposable, self-adhesive neurostimulation electrodes for treating neck pain.
    • Made from a comfortable and flexible, light-weight neoprene material.
    • Superior conductive mesh electrode stitching for long-term care.
    • Non-abrasive hook-and-loop fastening secure and comfortable placement along the cervical spine.
    • Universal fit - one size fits most
    • Includes 2x detachable snap adapters for lead wire connectivity.
    • Industry-standard 2mm female pin-style connection for lead wires to plug into.
    • Compatible with most electrotherapy devices.
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty