Premium Conductive Ankle TENS Garment

Our conductive Ankle garment offers both support and stimulation. The non-adhesive electrodes (included with the garment) which are constructed from special conductive fabrics are gentle on the skin and deliver uniform stimulation across the entire surface of the treated area. The specially molded design makes placement easy and quick. The garments are fitted with special conductive fabric pads that can be used over and over again without the need to buy adhesive replacement pads. 


1. Suitable for use with almost all quality TENS & EMS machines on the market.

2. The garments are adjustable to suit all sizes.

3. This offer does not include TENS Machine. THe advert is for 1 garment only!



1. Lightly spray the electrode pads area of the conductive garment with drinkable water or conductive spray before use. The pads should feel damp enough, but not too wet. This will improve current flow and enhance the tens stimulation.
2. Remove any metal jewelry from the treatment area.
3. Thoroughly wipe the treated area with water or with alcohol wipres to remove any sweat, oil or body lotions.
4. Put on your conductive garment and ensure that the pads are in good contact with the treated area by firmly titening the adjustment belt.
5. Connect to your TENS device through leadwires
6. Turn on your TENS device and adjust the intensity according to your requirements.
7. Once therapy session is finished, turn off the tens machine and then disconnect the lead wires from the conductive garment. 




1. Do not allow oil to reach the conductive garment. 
2. Wash garments only if needed. Do not use hot water, alkaline, acidic or any detergent that contains bleach. Just soapy water.
3. Always connect garments to quality TENS or EMS devices approved by ATGA.
4Do not apply garments to broken skin.
5. Should skin rash occur, discontinue use immediately.
6. Do not use the conductive garment if you suffer from any of the following: 

. Muscle disorders

. Epilepsy

. Any Heart Condition

. During Pregnancy

. Keep away from Children.






Premium Conductive Ankle TENS Garment

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