Our latest Homemedics Micro Current Foot Garment has been specially designed by us to offer superior stimulation by using advanced Micro Current Technology for treating a variety of foot related conditions.

2x Premium Micro Current Foot Garment

    • Suitable for all conditions effecting the feet
    • Adopts latest Micro-Current technology to stimulate acupoints directly, relieve aches, pains and reduce fatigue.
    • Promotes increased blood circulation to help speed up recovery time.
    • Simple Use (Just plug in and place foot on conductive surface)
    • Clinical Grade Durability
    • Suitable with most TENS/EMS Machines
    • Replaces the use of disposable, self-adhesive neurostimulation electrodes.
    • Made from a comfortable and flexible, light-weight neoprene material.
    • Superior conductive mesh electrode stitching for long-term care.
    • Industry-standard 2mm female pin-style connection for lead wires to plug into.
    • 12 Months Warranty