Upper arm Blood pressure monitor wit USB 240 volt power adapter

Full Automatic Blood pressure monitor with wall power adapter 

Australian Import (Importer's ARTG # 169372).


- 4 colour WHO blood pressure light indicator. 

- Average readings available by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and over all

- 4 medication alarm setting. 

- Clock mode: Show current DATE and TIME when not in operation.

- Extra memory: 4 users with 99 memories each.

- Specification: Measurement method : oscillometric system Measurement range :     Pressure: 20~280 mmHg; Pulse: 40~195 beats/min.

- Accuracy : Pressure: +/-3 mmHg; Pulse: +/-5%

- Power supply : 4 × AA batteries + Wall Power Adapter

- Dimensions : 120 (L) × 140 (W) × 70 (D) mm

- Weight : 220g

- Larger Cuff size than Normal : 22~34 cm

- 240volt USB wall power adapter $15 .......(FREE THIS MONTH).


Express postage included Valued @ $14 alone.


Please note:

All automatic home blood pressure monitors are not as accurate as the professional monitors used by doctors. The readings obtained depend on many factors and on the time of the day. Your blood pressure will vary during the day and goes up if you under stress or after a meal. So, we recommend taking the average of several readings to get a good indication.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully before using this device. 

Always report your readings to your doctor.


Correct measuring posture

 Please sit in a room where the temperature is appropriate for measurement. Your body should be relaxed and posture should be natural. You should sit on a chair, set both of your feet on the ground, and keep your body sitting upright with your back straight. Please level the blood pressure monitor with your heart position as shown in the figures. Relax your mind and keep a relaxed and natural posture for measurement. Incorrect posture will affect measured blood pressure value. The blood pressure value will change depending on posture, time and other various factors; it is suggested to measure blood pressure with the same posture at the same time of every day.




Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor