Professional Dentist Grade Teeth Whitening Kit


The Ultimate Professional Teeth Whitening Kit !

USA Made & FDA Approved!

Complies with 18% ACCC requirements! 


The Kit is designed by a specialist Dentist For Home Use. Everything you need to bleach your teeth by the fastest & safest method possible is included in this kit.
Strongest gel allowable (18% which is the maximum allowable concentration of carbamide peroxide in Australia ACCC), gum protector, teeth desensitiser, 8 LED plasma Light with built in mouth tray, shade guide, easy to follow Instructions, carry storage bag.

Included in this kit.

1. Two 10 ml high concentration whitening gel (18% Carbamide Peroxide).

2. Gum Protection gel (3 ml).

3. Teeth Desensitising gel (3 ml).

4. Eight LED Plasma Light with built-in mouth tray.

5. Shade Guide.

6. Activated Charcoal maintenance gel (3 ml).

7. Easy to understand Instructions.

8. Storage aluminium bag to protect & preserve all components.


100% Satisfaction or your Money Back!
Since 2007 we sold hundreds to happy customers both on e-bay and on our website.
Gel Percentage: We offering the highest allowable Carbamide Peroxide, which is much
stronger than what is currently selling in Australia (6-10%). This higher concentration of bleach will give much better results and speed up the whitening process significantly. So, the session time is reduced and this is very important clinically. Just check out the following table:
Carbamide Peroxide (%)         Gel Recommended Bleaching Time
6% Gel .....................................      (60-70 min, twice a day)
10% Gel .....................................     (45-60 min, once a day)
Our Gel .....................................      (20-30 min, once a day)
So why settle for the older low concentration gels when now you can have the latest gel
with twice the bleaching power and half the session time?



Our LED Light (Main Features)
1. Eight LED instead of the normal 4 LED UV light (offered by other sellers). Thus, providing a brighter light and faster activation of your gel.
2. Built-In mouth tray which does not require messy and difficult hot water shaping.
Simply apply the gel to the tray and turn on the light. 


Warnings & Precautions

Your Safety is very important to us. Please read and follow the following precautions:

1. You must read, understand and follow all steps in our instructions sheet.

2. If irritation or ulceration occurs, you must stop using the gel immediately.

3. The gel is intended to be placed on the teeth and not on the gum.

4. Avoid contact with skin!

5. Keep the kit away from children at all times.

6. Do not share the light with the built-in mouth tray with others. 

7. The degree of whitening depends on several factors including the correct & regular usage of the  kit, the mineral composition of the teeth and the type & degree of staining present at the start. Some individuals will see significant results after 2-3 days. Others may take longer, 1-2 weeks. A small percentage will not see significant changes because the yellowing is the natural colour of their teeth which is determined by the genetical mineral composition. 


Professional Dentist Grade Teeth Whitening Kit

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