GM300T dual channel digital TENS Unit with Compliance meter that can store the treatment time used by the patients.
Not only can set parameters accurately but also operate easily by six keys with LCD display by prescription for patients' condition. This device has a large liquid crystal display and press buttons, which is helpful for the people who can easily set the parameters.



• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

• 7 treatment modes

• Low battery indicator

• Ultra-low power consumption

• Patient compliance meter

• Easy to carry



Channel Dual, isolated between channels
Pulse Amplitude 0-80mA into 500 ohm load
Pulse Rate Adjustable, from 2Hz ~ 120 Hz
Pulse Width TENS: from 40 μS ~ 260 μS adjustable, EMS: 250 μS fixed
Mode TENS: B/ C/ M, EMS: S/ C/ A
ON time (EMS) 1 - 30 sec adjustable
Ramp time (EMS) 1 - 8 sec adjustable
OFF time (EMS) 1 - 30 sec adjustable
Wave Form Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
Timer 30, 60 minute and continuous mode selectable
Power Source DC 9V battery
Dimensions 95 (H) × 61.5(W) × 26(T) mm
Weight Approx. 125gm (battery included)



B: Cycle Bursts
C: Continuous mode
M: Modulated Width


Inside the box

1. GM300T TENS unit
2. Instruction Manual
3. 12X self-adhesive electrodes (4X4cm)
4. 9V Battery
5. 2 Lead Wires.
6. 1 Carry/storage case.


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