Dr. SINO Electric Heating Pad
DR SINO heating pad is a high-tech carbon fibre far-infrared product. It works as a heating pad to emit a range of 8-15um band of far-infrared ray, which is equivalent to that of the human body. This heat is transmitted directly into the tissue. The heat generated dilates blood vessels, improve circulation and metabolism in addition to pain control. It also works as a pad to emit steady energy and heat (55 degrees). In summary, its a heating pad, designed to fit around the body perfectly and to heat the underlying tissue quickly and efficiently thus, producing a rapid relief of pain and discomfort. 
Its great for the elderly. its fast and effective and can be kept on all night. Just set the heat level you desire and relax. You can say goodbye to old hot water bottles. Just think about the danger of using hot bottles in your bed. Just think about how quickly a water bottle or a hot gel pack loses its temperature. Now, with Dr SINO electric pad, you get the benefits without the risks and for as long as you wish.
Great item for all ages, young or old. Dr SINO thermostatically controlled heating pad is a must for every home!. Get one now and you will love it!
Limited stock available.

1. Versatile and easy to use.
2. Hi-tech conducting carbon fibre
3. Thermostat imported from USA.
4. Two Thermostats for extra safety.
5. Two Heat settings for extra comfort.
6. Internal heat protection system for additional security.
7. Removable and washable cover.
8. Highly efficient and electricity consumption is close to nothing.
9. Comes with Australian plug.
10. Six month warranty.
11. Free delivery Australia wide.

1. neck and shoulder pain.
2. Frozen Shoulder.
2. Stomach pain
3. Lower back pain.
4. Period Pain
5. Muscle pain.
6. Bloating and stomach gas.
7. Knee and Joint pain resulting from arthritis.

Dr. SINO Electric Heating Pad

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