Digital Pulse Oximeter

Finger Pulse Oximeter (Only 3 available).

(Australian Product, the sponsor has TGA Registrastion).


This device is used to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood.

Simply place your finger inside the oximeter and the light inside the device will give an estimate of the oxygen saturation in the blood. Exact measurements can only be obtained by a blood test. However, this device can give a good estimate allowing the user to determine if supplimentary oxygen is needed. 


Main Features

1. Colour LED display.

2. Display of Sp02, PR, bar graph and pulse waveform.

3. Adjustable brightness.

4. Low battery indication.

5. Automatic power-off when removed from finger.

6. Light weight.

7. Uses 2x Standard AAA Batteries (not included).

8. Graphical display of readings.


What is included?

  • 1 x Finger Pulse Oximeter.
  • Pulse Oximeter carry case.
  • Aluminium Storage box.
  • 1X Neck cord.
  • English instruction manual.
  • USB Cable to connect to PC.
  • CD to install Software.
  • Free Express Postage.

Digital Blood Oximeter

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