Body Fat Water Calories Bone and Muscle Analyser

5 - in - 1

Body Fat, Body Bone Mass, Body Water Content
Body Muscle Content and Calories!
Body Analyser

What Does it Do For Me ?

All New 5 in 1 body analyser.
All you need to know about your body in one machine!
1. Measures your Bone Mass.
2. Measures your body's Fat Content.
3. Measures your Body's Muscle Content.
4. Measures Water Content in Your Body.
5. Calorie, Measurement Function.



1. Bone mass measurement
2. Body water measurement
3. Body fat measurement
4. Muscle mass measurement
5. Calorie suggested to take
6. To be used in any age or body type
7. Convenient to carry and easy to operate
8. To record for up to five people simultaneously
9. To use three x AAA batteries
10. Dimensions: 5 x 20 x 4.8cm
11. Gross weight: 0.5kg



Why we need to measure?  

1. To understand our bone mass is very important because the bone mass decrease (osteoporosis),

the risk of bone break increase.

2. Water is essential for blood circulation and works as lubricant in joints and internal organs. When body is deficient in water, it accelerates aging.  

3. Lack exercise and irregular life-style results in excess weight that makes heart and other organs work harder.

4. Muscle condition reflects overall body status. Good exercise and health life-style promise long and productive life.

5. Calorie in food is the fuel for our body. Active body uses more calories per day. Our metabolism determines the rate of which our body burns calories. 



Body Fat Water Calories Bone and Muscle Analyser

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